Everything will be ok..
COVID-19 & Seychelles

We are adapting our operations to continue offering the essential products and services that our customers and communities need at a time when they need us the most. 

Our top priority remains the health and safety of our dedicated employees and valued customers.

We would like to thank our clients for their support over the past 17 years!

We will all work together so that all clients, suplliers and employee are happy.


We temporarily reduced the opening hours of our store to  provide additional flexibility to our associates and increase the amount of time for essential product replenishment as well as thorough cleaning and disinfection of our stores daily. 

For now our store is only open from 12-4pm and 11- 4 pm on weekends, except for Sundays in April where all stores must be closed as requested by the Government of Quebec.

These hours will change.  We will be adding a pick up service soon


Having clean and safe store is a constant priority.

In addition to our daily cleaning efforts, we increased the amount of time our employees spend cleaning and disinfecting our stores, especially in our most frequented areas such as cash, restrooms, and back rooms.

These measures include, among others:

  • The regular cleaning and disinfection of all door handles, phones, workstations, credit card devices, shopping cart handles and seats, as well as highly touched displays.
  • The disinfection of equipment and surfaces at checkout—such as PIN pads, counters,  and registers after every customer interaction.
  • In line with public health authorities’ recommendations, we have clear guidelines in place regarding self-isolation and hand washing to avoid the spread of the virus, including the need for all our cashiers to wash their hands at least once an hour.


  • We are starting to take appointments for servicing swimming pools and spas. 
  • We ask that all clients remain indoors while our technicians are at your home.
  • In line with public health authorities’ recommendations, we have clear guidelines in place regarding self-isolation and hand washing to avoid the spread of the virus, including the need for all our employees to wash their hands  before and after we come to your home. 
  • In case we do need two employees, each employee will have his own truck. 
  • Our employees will practice SOCIAL DISTANCING as much as possible, while wearing masks and glasses.
  • The safety of our employees and our clients is our priority.


Pour minimiser les contacts entre l’employé et les clients, nous travaillons sur nos processus de service, de livraison et de ramassage en magasin.

Vous pouvez maintenant réserver votre ouverture en ligne.
Nous aurons la livraison gratuite de plus de 100 $ (sous réserve de conditions) pour encourager les clients à acheter et à commander en ligne.
Nous offrirons un ramassage sur le trottoir pour les commandes en ligne afin que les clients puissent ramasser des articles sans avoir à entrer dans nos magasins.


To minimize contact between employee and customers, we are working on our processes for on sales of large items such as ingound pools, above ground pools and many other large items.  

  • Please contact us by email.
  • We will work with via email, facetime and/or messenger.
  • We suggest you should  book earlier since we see everything taking more time this year.

Please contact us to reserve your place for service.

You can now book your opening online!


Groupe Récré'eau is a group of retailers that focus on providing the best quality, price and value for their members.
This exclusive club allows us to offer the best rebates for our clients.

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We offer the premium HTH® EXTRA brand which is available exclusively at Seychelles

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